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Grants FAQ


If you have a project (manuscript, poster, pamphlet, CD, video, DVD, educational computer software/game, web application, etc.) that you would like to submit for review, please visit our submissions section for more information.



Kamehameha Publishing Mission

Kamehameha Publishing supports Kamehameha Schools’ mission by publishing and distributing Hawaiian language, culture, and community-based materials that engage, reinforce, and invigorate Hawaiian cultural vitality.

Māpuna Grants Program

Māpuna grants funding is currently not available.

What is the purpose of the Māpuna grants program?
The purpose of the Māpuna grants program is to assist tax exempt 501(c)(3) organizations create products that could eventually be published by Kamehameha Publishing to forward the mission of Kamehameha Schools. Māpuna is a new effort (initiated in FY 2007-2008) intended to encourage 501(c)(3) organizations that work with Hawaiian learners to develop educational products that best serve those learners, their families, their schools, and their communities. The program is also aimed at building capacity within 501(c)(3) organizations to better serve the needs of Hawaiian learners and communities through publishing.  

Who can apply for Māpuna grants?
Tax exempt 501(c)(3) organizations may apply for grants.

What projects are eligible for receiving grant support?
Tax exempt organizations may apply to receive financial or consultation support to assist with developing an original product that has the potential of being published (manuscript, poster, pamphlet, CDs, video, DVDs, educational computer software, web applications, etc.) based on the criteria below. The project could start with an idea to be developed to completion or could begin with an already-completed work that might be improved or expanded. The product must not infringe on any copyrights or other legal rights. The product would need to meet both of the following criteria:

  • Supports the goals of the Kamehameha Schools Education Strategic Plan, via either “a” and/or “b” below (please refer to the KS Education Strategic Plan posted at www.ksbe.edu/SPI/ESP.php)
    • Improving educational outcomes for Hawaiian learners ages 0-8.
    • Creating long-term intergenerational change for Hawaiian learners of all ages by providing educational opportunities for the caregivers, family members, and educators.
  • Meets the criteria established by Kamehameha Publishing’s editorial board (download criteria).

Though not required, projects that involve capacity building for Hawaiian learners (e.g., training or mentoring), will receive greater consideration.

What type of budget items might receive grant funding support?
Māpuna funding can be applied to hourly fees paid to those involved with the project (researchers, writers, illustrators, curriculum developers, graphic designers, cartographers, photographers, honoraria for interviewees or others who provide substantial assistance with the project, etc.), consumable supplies required, necessary computer software.  Funding may not be applied to fringe benefits for those involved in the project, computer hardware, furniture, or other permanent office equipment or construction.

How will grant applications be evaluated?
All applications will be reviewed by the Kamehameha Publishing Editorial Board.  The editorial board will determine whether an applicant will receive grant support and the level and nature of such support. The editorial board may also suggest changes to the work plan or budget submitted by the applicant.   

How might Kamehameha Publishing interact with successful grant applicants?
The work plan described in an application may include consultation with Kamehameha Publishing staff, if desired by the applicant. Staff would be made available to assist successful grant awardees via consultation, to the degree feasible, toward the completion of the proposed project. Such consultation support would need to be agreed upon before a grant is awarded. 

What will occur when the grant-supported project is completed?
Kamehameha Publishing reserves the right to publish the product that was supported by a Māpuna grant.  Every effort will be made to guide a project toward this intended outcome.  However, publication is not guaranteed. Kamehameha Publishing will submit completed grant products to its editorial board for review. The editorial board will recommend whether the product should be published by Kamehameha Publishing. Final publishing decisions will be made by Kamehameha Publishing.

Who will hold the copyright for the grant-supported product?
The tax-exempt entity that created the product will retain the copyright for the product and hence will receive royalties or other forms of compensation should the product be published.

How much financial support will be available to grant applicants?
Though the pool of funds available through Māpuna is limited, there is no established minimum or maximum for grant requests.  

Application Submission Process

Applications must be submitted electronically. If applicants wish to include a cover letter, please address it to the following:

Kamehameha Publishing Editorial Board
c/o Kamehameha Publishing
567 S. King Street, Suite 118
Honolulu, HI 96813

Submit the electronic file(s) c/o:

Kēhaunani Abad, PhD
Director of Kamehameha Publishing

Upon receipt of an application, a confirmation of receipt will be sent.  

Review Process and Deadlines

Grant applications may be submitted year round. Applications will be reviewed by the editorial board during its meetings. The editorial board meets three times ayear. Within no more than six months of the application being submitted, applicants will receive a letter describing the results of the editorial board’s review. A successful grant applicant may be asked to amend the budget or work plan submitted. Grant awardees will receive an initial payment check once a final budget and work plan are confirmed and a grant contract has been signed. An applicant that was not awarded a grant may amend the application and resubmit the revised application for further consideration.

For More Information

For more information about Māpuna grants program, please contact Kamehameha Publishing:

Kēhaunani Abad, PhD
Director of Kamehameha Publishing


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