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Discount FAQ

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New Internal Order Process

Through the KS E-mall, KS internal purchases can be ordered directly online and will no longer require an internal order form. Simply fill out a short registration form, and email it to publishing@ksbe.edu or fax it to (808)541-5305 (no cover sheet necessary). Kamehameha Publishing will then send an email with the login and password to the authorized purchaser.

KS Employee Purchases

KS staff members can purchase Kamehameha Publishing products for personal use for 20% off of the retail price under our Hui Mo’olelo program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start ordering online?

As soon as you receive your email with the login and password allow 2-3 working days for the login informationl), you can begin ordering online.

How are payments made for KS internal purchases?

Payment is made through the KS general ledger using the cost center and object code that you enter during checkout at the time of order.

Do I need to fill out a purchase requisition form?

No. Once you receive your login and password, you can order directly online and skip the PR process.

Will the new online system be more costly?

No. Internal orders on all purchases will continue to be priced at a 60 percent discount off of retail prices.

How are the discounts applied?

When you enter our online store using your login and password, you’ll see that the product prices automatically reflect the 60 percent discount. You won’t have to go through any special process at checkout to receive the discount. Please note, you must log in FIRST before entering products into your shopping cart otherwise the discounted rate will not show.

Can I use my normal KS login to get the interdepartmental discount instead?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure that your account receives the 60 percent discount, we need to code the logins and passwords for the internal discount. Please keep your assigned login and password on file for future reference.

If I need an order filled right away, what is my best option?

Our order fulfillment vendor will process the order within 24 hours depending on the size of the order. To shorten the shipping time, the checkout section in the online store offers a USPS express mail option, however, this option involves a higher cost.

How are products shipped? And what are the costs for shipping?

Departments will be charged USPS priority rates (i.e., the standard US mail rates) for orders outside of Kapalama Campus or Kawaiaha‘o Plaza.

For any other question, please email Kamehameha Publishing.

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