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Hawaiian scholar and practitioner

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Chapter 5: Haʻa a Hula Leʻa

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What others are saying

An inspired piece of scholarship that will join the 'must-have' books in your library. Ka Honua Ola will be used over and over again by those seeking insight into the chants left to us by our kūpuna. E ola!

Hōkūlani Holt

Pua Kanahele is the Harvard of Hawaiʻi. Through her brilliant analysis we enter the astonishing world of our ancestors. She is Haumea, hānau ma ka lolo, ancient divinity of wisdom, born from the brain, and reborn in every generation of Hawaiian women. I do worship her!

Lilikalā Kame'eleihiwa

A window into understanding the beauty, richness, nuance and drama in the poetry and chants of the Pele story. An affirmation that our survival as a species is dependent on our connection to the natural world.

Catherine Tatge

An invitation to understand the intimate relationship between Native Hawaiians and the volcanic landscape of these islands. Aunty Pua is a gifted storyteller.

Jim Kauahikaua

In Ka Honua Ola, Kumu Pualani Kanahele unwraps the biologic, geologic, and poetic wisdom of the Pele and Hi'iaka myth. The text embodies the renaissance of consciousness we are experiencing as a lāhui and forever changes the way we explore our mo'olelo.

Ulalia Woodside

An intimate understanding of Hawaiian ritual and ceremony that has not been articulated since the publication of nineteenth-century Hawaiian language newspapers. Our kūpuna have chosen the perfect vessel to speak through. E ola loa ka hale Kanaka'ole!

Kalei Nu'uhiwa

The voices of our ancestors reverberate through the brilliant insights of our foremost keeper of Hawaiian cultural knowledge. A timely reminder to respect and preserve the natural energy of the honua, or earth, which our ancestors and we honor as the Pele family of living deities.

Davianna Pōmaika'i McGregor