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  Lumpy Poi and Twisting Eels - Audio Glossary

Lumpy Poi and Twisting Eels is the second in a 12-book series for young readers about the life of Kamehameha. Eyre's series is entitled Kana'iaupuni (the Conqueror of the Islands). The series is illustrated by Native Hawaiian artist Imaikalani Kalahele.

Based on Hawaiian sources and years of research, the story sheds new light on the people and places that nurtured Kamehameha in his early years.

As a work of historical fiction, Lumpy Poi and Twisting Eels depicts the relationship of Kamehameha and his kahu, Nae'ole, who teaches him important life lessons. The book sets the stage for Kamehameha's lifelong quest to unify the Hawaiian Islands.

The Kana'iaupuni series is a work of historic fiction about Kamehameha, the great hero of Hawai'i. The series highlights the people, places, and events that shaped Kamehameha's life and led him to become Kana'iaupuni (the Conqueror of the Islands). The 12 stories in this series are based on Hawaiian sources and are intended for young readers, families, and educators.

David Kāwika Eyre was raised on the islands of O'ahu and Hawai'i. He taught at elementary schools for 10 years and prior to that, classes in English, history, and French at the college level. For the past 17 years he has taught Hawaiian language at Kamehameha's Kapālama High School. His most recent work, By Wind and Wave: An Introduction to Hawaiiís Natural History, won the Ka Palapala Po'okela Award for best natural science book of the year in 2000.


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Gods & People
Word/Phrase Audio
Alapa'inui - high chief of Hawai'i Island at Kamehameha's birth
Kaha - "stepmother" of Kamehameha at his birth
Kamehameha - first chief who would come to unite and rule over Hawai'i
Kana'iaupuni - the Conqueror of the Islands
Keku'iapoiwa - mother of Kamehameha
Keōuakupua - father of Kamehameha
Makoa - ali'i from Kohala; Kamehameha's fastest runner
Nae'ole - chief of Kohala who saved Kamehameha's life after his birth
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Word/Phrase Audio
'Āwini - land section in North Kohala
Hālawa - valley of Kamehameha's childhood in North Kohala
Hāmākua - Beach at Puakō, Hawai'i Island.
Hawai'i - largest of Hawaiian Islands
Hilo - district and bay on eastern Hawai'i Island
Kohala - district in northwest Hawai'i Island
Other Hawaiian Words & Phrases
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Word/Phrase Audio
ali'i - chief, ruler
aloha - love, affection, greeting, good-bye
aku - bonito, skipjack; an important food fish
akua - god
'aumakua - (pl. 'aumākua) ancestral spirit
'awe'awe - tentacles
E ku'u keiki - O my beloved child
hale - house
hāmau - quiet
hānai - to adopt, to feed, to nourish
Hua - name of the thirteenth night of the lunar moon
huli - taro top, as used for planting
'i'iwi - red native Hawaiian bird; a type of honey creeper
imu - underground oven
kahu - guardian
kalo - taro
kamani - a shade tree whose wood was used for food bowls
kapa - tapa, a cloth made from inner bark
kapu - sacred, restricted, protected
kauhale - a group of houses that together make a Hawaiian home
keiki - child, children
kōlea - Pacific golden plover (a bird)
kou - a shade tree with orange flowers; wood used for food bowls
Kulikuli - Be quiet
lehua - the flower of the 'ōhi'a lehua tree
leo - voice, sound
lo'i - irrigated taro pond
mamo - a native Hawaiian bird, now extinct
mana - supernatural or divine power; spiritual or personal force
niuhi - large, man–eating shark
'ohana - extended family
'ōhi'a - common tree producing wood and flowers; also referred to as 'ōhi'a lehua
'opihi - limpet
poi - food staple from pounded taro corms
pu'upu'u - lumpy, as in poi
ulua - crevalle, jackfish; also refers to a man
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