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Kamehameha Publishing


Kamehameha Publishing supports Kamehameha Schools’ mission by publishing and distributing Hawaiian language, culture, and community-based materials that engage, reinforce, and invigorate Hawaiian cultural vitality.

We welcome manuscripts and multimedia submissions (video, audio, software, games, nontraditional media) that amplify Hawaiian perspectives. In your cover letter, include a clear and concise description of the work, its intended audience, and your reasons for wanting to publish the work. Additional information such as images, illustrations, and maps may also be included. Please do not submit original copies of your work.

All potential authors are encouraged to review our publishing criteria before submitting a manuscript. Only those submissions that align with our publishing criteria will be forwarded to the editorial board for further consideration.

Submissions to Kamehameha Publishing receive careful consideration and will often be reviewed by appropriate subject matter experts related to the manuscript’s content, intended audience, genre, etc. As such, the timeline for response can be a lengthy one – we appreciate your patience.

Our review process may take a considerable amount of time. We ask for your patience as we respond to prospective authors and contributors as promptly as possible. Additional information may be requested by Kamehameha Publishing at any time during the review process.

Kamehameha Publishing assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of submitted proposals, manuscripts, multimedia, or related materials. Review of a submission by Kamehameha Publishing does not indicate a commitment to its publication. Kamehameha Publishing has no obligation to publish a work or otherwise collaborate with an author/contributor unless and until a publishing contract is executed by the parties. If a submission is accepted for publication, a formal offer will be made to its author and a publishing contract drafted and executed.

Send submissions to:

Kamehameha Publishing
Attn: Submissions Department
1887 Makuakāne Street
Pauahi Administration Bldg., Suite 211
Honolulu, HI 96817


Publishing Criteria

To facilitate Hawaiian cultural vitality and high-quality publications, all submissions are reviewed against the following criteria:

Language and Culture
  • Encourages and facilitates a living, vibrant Hawaiian language.
  • Reinforces the contemporary importance and relevance of Hawaiian language, history, oral traditions, literature, practices, beliefs, spirituality, and values.
  • Provides views of our past that are grounded in established Hawaiian traditions.
  • Reflects the diversity of established Hawaiian traditions.
  • Supports long-term perpetuation (and evolution) of hana no'eau.
  • Cultivates a sense of Hawaiian identity based upon inherent genealogical, geographical, and historical connections to an ancestral past.
  • Contextualizes Hawaiian roles and identity within a sociocultural framework of 'ohana, kaiaulu, and lāhui settings.
  • Creates opportunities for critical, in-depth consideration of current Hawaiian issues that build understanding for Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike.
  • Teaches everyday life skills, or academic content or skills, using Hawaiian contexts and perspectives.
Community well-being
  • Inspires or strengthens efforts to restore or maintain the integrity of natural environments and cultural places—especially as these relate to specific locations, entities, and resources; their connections to one another; and their connections to contemporary Hawaiian communities.
  • Inspires contemporary behaviors that reflect the best of Hawaiian modern, historical, and ancient heroes/heroines.
  • Exemplifies a sense of aloha and respect for oral informants in the acquisition and presentation of information and other guidance provided by informants.
  • Inspires and facilitates active involvement in current Hawaiian issues.
  • Motivates and enables Hawaiians to take on kuleana (rights and responsibilities) implicit in our roles in our 'ohana, schools, workplaces, kaiaulu, and lāhui.
  • Builds meaningful bridges between Hawaiians and others in our local and global communities.
  • Builds capacity for Hawaiian self-determination.
General criteria
  • Conveys a high level of relevance to the needs of Kamehameha Schools’ Education Strategic Plan and Hawaiian communities.
  • Demonstrates intergenerational appeal and impact.
  • Expresses ideas in clear, accessible language.
  • Uses an approach that is effective and appropriate for target audience.
  • Exhibits a high level of integrity and quality in the process used to create the work and in the work itself.
  • Embodies a high level of creativity and artistic expression.
  • Exemplifies a high level of intellectual rigor.


Publishing Categories

Kamehameha Publishing produces works that focus on these areas:

  1. Children’s publications: Works that captivate and educate young learners, especially ages prenatal to eight.
  2. Curriculum and materials: Works that build knowledge and the use of Hawaiian culture, language, history, and literature and address specific curriculum needs.
  3. Culture, language, history, and literature: Works for a range of audiences that reflect or facilitate Hawaiian cultural vibrancy.
  4. Academic research and scholarship: Works of rigorous scholarship that reflect Hawaiian perspectives on topics of particular relevance to Hawaiians.
  5. Student-driven publications: Works that feature and are produced by student writers, creators, or producers.
  6. Well-being: Works that facilitate Hawaiian academic, physical, social, economic, and political well-being.
  7. Trade potential: Works that meet other above criteria and that have a high potential to generate revenue. 


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