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  White Rainbow, Black Curse - Audio Glossary

White Rainbow, Black Curse is the first in a 12-book series for young readers about the life of Kamehameha. Eyre's series is entitled Kana'iaupuni (the Conqueror of the Islands). The series is illustrated by Native Hawaiian artist Imaikalani Kalahele.

White Rainbow, Black Curse begins the story of Kamehameha's life. Even before Kamehameha is born, omens foretell his greatness. His pregnant mother cravesthe eye of the fierce niuhi shark. At his birth the land shakes with thunder and a "white rainbow" arches across the skies.

The ruling chief fears the coming of this child and plots to have him killed. But the baby is smuggled away to the safety of a remote area in Kohala where he spends his first years.

The Kana'iaupuni series is a work of historic fiction about Kamehameha, the great hero of Hawai'i. The series highlights the people, places, and events that shaped Kamehameha's life and led him to become Kana'iaupuni (the Conqueror of the Islands). The 12 stories in this series are based on Hawaiian sources and are intended for young readers, families, and educators.

David Kāwika Eyre was raised on the islands of O'ahu and Hawai'i. He taught at elementary schools for 10 years and prior to that, classes in English, history, and French at the college level. For the past 17 years he has taught Hawaiian language at Kamehameha's Kapālama High School. His most recent work, By Wind and Wave: An Introduction to Hawaiiís Natural History, won the Ka Palapala Po'okela Award for best natural science book of the year in 2000.


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Gods & People
Word/Phrase Audio
Alapa'inui - high chief of Hawai'i Island at Kamehameha's birth
Hiku - mother of Kaha, "step-grandmother" of Kamehameha at birth
Hina - a widely known goddess associated with healing; wife of Kū.
Kaha - "stepmother" of Kamehameha at his birth
Kalani'ōpu'u - high chief of Hawai'i Island as Kamehameha reached adulthood
Kamehameha - the great hero of Hawai'i 1758(?) - 1819
Kana'iaupuni - the Conqueror of the Islands
Kāne - one of four main Hawaiian gods
Kapoukahi - Kaua'i priest who prophesied Kamehameha's greatness
Keawema'uhili - high chief of Hilo, Hawai'i
Keaweokahikona - son of Keawema'uhili and Ululani
Kekaulike - chief of Maui at time of Kamehameha's birth
Kekūhaupi'o - ali'i, famous warrior, became Kamehameha's teacher and advisor
Keku'iapoiwa - mother of Kamehameha
Keōuanui - father of Kamehameha
Kuakāne - young daughter of Kaha, older "stepsister" of Kamehameha
Kū (Kūkā'ilimoku) - one of the four main Hawaiian gods; in this form, god of war
Nae'ole - chief of Kohala who saved Kamehameha's life after his birth
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Word/Phrase Audio
'Āwini - land section in North Kohala
Hālawa - valley of Kamehameha's childhood in North Kohala
Hāpuna - Beach at Puakō, Hawai'i Island.
Hawai'i - largest of Hawaiian Islands
Hilo - district and bay on eastern Hawai'i Island
Kaua'i - oldest island in Hawaiian group, northeast of O'ahu
Kohala - district in northwest Hawai'i Island
Kokoiki - birthplace of Kamehameha, located in Kohala
Kona - leeward district on Hawai'i Island
Maui - second largest island in the Hawaiian group
Mo'okini - heiau in Kohala district near Kamehameha's birthplace
Other Hawaiian Words & Phrases
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Word/Phrase Audio
'a'ama - black crab that lives on shore rocks
'ae - Yes
ali'i - chief, ruler
'A'ole loa! - Never
E ho'omanawanui! - Be patient
Eia ke keiki! - My beloved child
hāiki - narrow
hala - pandanus tree
hale - house
hau - lowland tree of the hibiscus family
heiau - Hawaiian place of worship
hula - traditional Hawaiian form of dance
'Ike 'ia nā maka i ke ao! - The eyes are seen in the world
'Ikuwā - Stormy month of the year (October/November)
'ilima - native shrub with orange-yellow flowers
imu - underground oven
kahi - place
kahuna (pl. kāhuna) - priest, sorceror, expert in any profession
kamani - a large tree, common near shore, its nut
kapa - tapa, a cloth made from bark
kukui - candlenut tree, the nut of this tree
niuhi - large, man-eating shark
'ōhi'a lehua - common tree producing wood and flowers
olonā - native shrub; inner bark used to make strong cordage
'ōpū - stomach
pali - cliff
piko - umbilical cord
pili - grass used for thatching Hawaiian houses
poi - food staple from pounded taro corms
'Ume i ka hanu! - Draw the breath
wauke - a tree whose inner bark was used for making cloth
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