Hulo! Nupepa-style Hawaiian Word Game by Kamehameha Publishing
Here in Hawaii, olelo Hawaii is alive and spreading! But we all could use a little kokua in learning new Hawaiian huaolelo or brushing up on our vocab. Hulo! is a fast, fun, and easy way to practice your Hawaiian vocabulary. Whether you know five Hawaiian words or five hundred, you can enjoy learning with friends and family as you race to complete your Hawaiian crossword.

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A game of Hulo! being played
Proceeds from the sale of Hulo! help to support ongoing efforts to digitize Hawaiian newspapers into word-searchable text files available at

helpful tips
  • Hulo! is themed after the old Hawaiian nupepa, or newspapers, which didn’t have diacritics. So you can play without worrying about okina and kahako markings.
  • Wondering if you can use people or place names? Hiki no! Go right ahead. So even if you don’t know many Hawaiian words, you probably know a lot of names of people, streets, cities, and other places.
  • Two-letter huaolelo are okay.
  • You can use the same word twice.
  • Going over the pronunciation and definitions at the end is one of the funnest parts of the game. See how many new huaolelo you can learn from the other players.
  • Instructions are included inside the box.
  • Each set includes: 128 Wood Tiles. 14 tiles each of letters: A, E, I, O, and K; 10 tiles of letter U; 8 tiles each of letters H, L; 6 tiles each of letters M, N, P, W; 2 tiles each of Ku, Akau, & Hema; 1 tile each of Ewalu and Ea. (Flag).
You'll find a few pieces that aren't letters.

ewalu piece Watch out for the Ewalu piece! If someone draws it and plays it on you, aue! Aloha no! That means your crossword has to have at least one eight-letter huaolelo. Laki maikai!

akau piece Need some different letters to spell a huaolelo? If you draw an Akau piece, you can force all players to pass two pieces of their choosing to the akau, right.

hema piece If you draw a Hema piece, you can force all players to pass two pieces of their choosing to the hema, left.

ku pieceThe Ku! piece is like a wildcard, so you can use it as any letter of your choosing. Or, if someone is winning and you want to stop their momentum, yell out "Ku!" to stop gameplay. You can then take one of their letters, replace it with the Ku! piece, and designate the Ku! piece as a different letter. Ho ke kolohe! What this means for your opponent is probably a lot of crossword rearranging! Minamina no hoi!

ea pieceThe Ea piece is the one everybody wants to have. It means you have ea, or sovereignty, so nobody can mess with your crossword. In other words, you're free to make your own huaolelo without being affected by special pieces like Ewalu, Akau, Hema, and Ku. You are kuokoa--independent!