Here in Hawai’i, ‘ōlelo Hawaii is alive and spreading! But we all could use a little kōkua in learning new Hawaiian hua’ōlelo or brushing up on our vocab. Hulo! is a fast, fun, and easy way to practice your Hawaiian vocabulary. Whether you know five Hawaiian words or five hundred, you can enjoy learning with friends and family as you race to complete your Hawaiian crossword.

  • Hulo! is themed after the old Hawaiian nupepa, or newspapers, which didn’t have diacritics. So you can play without worrying about okina and kahako markings.
  • Wondering if you can use people or place names? Hiki no! Go right ahead. So even if you don’t know many Hawaiian words, you probably know a lot of names of people, streets, cities, and other places.
  • Two-letter huaolelo are okay.
  • You can use the same word twice.
  • Going over the pronunciation and definitions at the end is one of the funnest parts of the game. See how many new huaolelo you can learn from the other players.
  • Instructions are included inside the box.
  • Each set includes: 128 Wood Tiles. 14 tiles each of letters: A, E, I, O, and K; 10 tiles of letter U; 8 tiles each of letters H, L; 6 tiles each of letters M, N, P, W; 2 tiles each of Ku, Akau, & Hema; 1 tile each of Ewalu and Ea. (Flag).