Publishing Criteria

To facilitate Hawaiian cultural vitality and high-quality publications, all submissions are reviewed against the following criteria:

Language and Culture

  • Encourages and facilitates a living, vibrant Hawaiian language.
  • Reinforces the contemporary importance and relevance of Hawaiian language, history, oral traditions, literature, practices, beliefs, spirituality, and values.
  • Provides views of our past that are grounded in established Hawaiian traditions.
  • Reflects the diversity of established Hawaiian traditions.
  • Supports long-term perpetuation (and evolution) of hana no‘eau.


  • Cultivates a sense of Hawaiian identity based upon inherent genealogical, geographical, and historical connections to an ancestral past.
  • Contextualizes Hawaiian roles and identity within a sociocultural framework of ʻohana, kaiaulu, and lāhui settings.
  • Creates opportunities for critical, in-depth consideration of current Hawaiian issues that build understanding for Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike.
  • Teaches everyday life skills, or academic content or skills, using Hawaiian contexts and perspectives.

Community Well-Being

  • Inspires or strengthens efforts to restore or maintain the integrity of natural environments and cultural places—especially as these relate to specific locations, entities, and resources; their connections to one another; and their connections to contemporary Hawaiian communities.
  • Inspires contemporary behaviors that reflect the best of Hawaiian modern, historical, and ancient heroes/heroines.
  • Reflects a sense of aloha and respect for oral informants in the acquisition and presentation of information and other guidance provided by informants.
  • Inspires and facilitates active involvement in current Hawaiian issues.
  • Motivates and enables Hawaiians to take on kuleana (rights and responsibilities) implicit in our roles in our ‘ohana, schools, workplaces, kaiaulu, and lāhui.
  • Builds meaningful bridges between Hawaiians and others in our local and global communities.
  • Builds capacity for Hawaiian self-determination.

General Criteria

  • Aligns with Kamehameha Schools’ vision for a thriving lāhui and the development of ‘Ōiwi leaders.
  • Conveys a high level of relevance to the needs of Native Hawaiian communities.
  • Demonstrates intergenerational appeal and impact.
  • Expresses ideas in clear, accessible language.
  • Uses an approach that is effective and appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Exhibits a high level of integrity and quality in the process used to create the work and in the work itself. 
  • Reflects a high level of creativity and artistic expression.
  • Reflects a high level of intellectual rigor.